Best of Both Worlds?

Screen pic of my MacBook after installing Windows XP Pro SP2 via Parallels Desktop

I’ve installed Windows XP Pro SP2 on my MacBook now, courtesy of Parallels Desktop. So now I can run both Mac and Windows applications simultaneously without rebooting the computer. And if I put the virtual machine into full-screen mode, it looks just like I’m running a Windows machine. And at the holding down of a couple of keys, it would revert again to being a window within my Mac desk-top. Cool, huh?

An interesting tip for people who may be in similar situations as me: You don’t need the full version of Windows OS if you’re running Parallel Desktop on a Mac. The upgrade version will do. That’s huge $$$ savings. And do make use of the great student licensing price at your university computer store if you’re still a student. That would save you even more!

More importantly for now, I can use Word and Endnote without having annoying trial messages popping up cos my old Windows version of the software can work here as well. It’s dangerously close to being the best of both worlds. :)

Seriously. This is cool. Still trying to be cautious and not fall head over heels too soon. But this baby is fantastic!


  1. *LOL* I’m not nearly as knowledgeable as the genuine article. Just trying to be a savvy consumer. Thankfully there are lots of knowledge forums and product reviews in the WWW. And I always say you can find answers to practically anything on Google. It’s also always educational to strike up conversations with the experts in computer stores… I always learn something new.

    Like last week at the Apple Store, I learned why photo/video and publishing specialists prefer glossy computer screens, and how matte computer screens are made as well as why they aren’t as ‘true’ as glossy ones. And yesterday at the school computer store, I learned that I just need the Windows XP upgrade version when I didn’t find that info on the web.

    As for this blog (in reference to ur last comment in Apple to Apple), there are great templates designed by the ‘real geeks’ for WordPress, and they’re not too tough to tweak in my own customizations. I do it by trial and error most of the time, and by studying the codes in the templates.

    This current template is an innately customizable one by Canvas. I just extended the options by making changes straight to the HTML in the template files. And used Photoshop to make that customized header.

    I gotta tell you, I’m pretty sure my young friends here can do a lot more. Ha ha. And you’re too modest yourself. I’m always wowed by the stuff you do… like those personalized ‘gift vouchers’ and your very own designed Tomatot logo! Also, you’re the PowerPoint queen! :P

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