A Note of Encouragement

This was an email written to a particular friend but I also wish to share these thoughts with all who may be going through a difficult time in their lives. :)

Sometimes it may seem there are too many things we need to remember to do, and it can all be too overwhelming. And all the knowledge and wisdom in the world seem powerless when the pain in our heart is so real.

It helps to simplify matters so that there’s one thing we can cling on to when we don’t have the heart or strength to think or reason for ourselves. That one thing that will help us to pause and gather our wit and energy to begin again.

For me, that one thing that stops my descent into madness is the faith and knowledge that I am Beloved. I don’t know if that can give you equal encouragement and strength, so I’ll share one thing more that bolsters me. I believe that as long as I have the desire to become a better version of myself, I can always find a way to transform pain into passion and that good can always still come out of what is apparently evil.

All that you need is already within you, even though it does not feel like it. Don’t be afraid. This may yet be the beginning of the most rewarding and meaningful discovery of your life!

I hope that you will be able to rest well in the coming days, and that no matter how dark the days may be, you will always feel the warmth of the light of life that burns within you. *HUG*

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