*Dreamy Sigh*

Scarlett Johansson as fairy-tale princess Cinderella

I initially saw this photo on Sherry’s blog (thanks!). I wasn’t overly fond of Disney’s Cinderella as a little girl, cos I thought the gown looked too ‘bubbly’ and what’s so fantastic about a hairband?

But I absolutely love this image. The exquisite Scarlett Johansson is an inspired choice… the ‘hairband’ has become a genuine Harry Winston diamond tiara, and the gown is infinitely lovelier than I would have ever imagined. Annie Leibovitz works some serious photography magic!

If you visit the links I provide below, you will also see David Beckham as Prince Phillip and Beyonce Knowles as Alice In Wonderland. I hear Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Ariel the Little Mermaid will be next. Wonder which celebrities would become those characters? :)

Images available for download here.
Disney’s Year of Million Dreams Website

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