A couple of interesting birthday wishes I’ve received…


Happy birthday, Jie! May you grow in wisdom but not in weight! – John


Happeee happeeee bday!! .. we celebrated ur bday here on your behalf..ehehe. U are now officially 1 year older than all of us..mwahahaha..hehe – Ivy (with Yinwei & Beatrice at my ‘birthday celebration’ in Bakerz Inn Singapore)


Happy Birthday, My Love!
– Zibin
Me & Zibin’s prezzies. The red was all coincidence :P


Thank you to all who sent well wishes, in whatever form! :)


  1. sweet lil’ ol’ me?.. how could that possibly be? (see the innocent glow on my face).. must be the girl on the right.. the one with curly hair. she has a rather crazy look in her eye if u observe closely

  2. What??? Cannot be lah, behind my crazy look lies the shadow of innocence… after all, I’m the 2nd youngest in the group!

    Happy belated b’day dear Ann! Actually not belated, I already said happy bday liao. =Þ

  3. You girls ah!

    All very sweet, but also very crazy!

    Vee, I already reforwarded Yinwei the photos after that comment she left. :)

  4. Hmm….I’m confused. So did zibin give you the bear or the pjs? Wanted to wish you Happy BELATED birthday dear….but realised I’m more in time with V-day. =P So here’s happy v-day, and xin nian kuai le to you!

  5. He gave me the “Someone at Cornell Loves Me” bunny and the red tube of Bath & Bodyworks hand cream. :)

    Happy Valentines and LNY to you too dear! *hugz*

  6. Oh dear, it looked like a sheep to me, not a bear or a bunny.. oops :) Haha…

    WZ: When did we last meet? Er, I think it’s your birthday? :) Two months ago? Pretty mama? Where? I have aged so much…..

    Happy V day and happy CNY to all of you too!!! :)

  7. ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHhh!! I’ve been so LOST… argh!!!!


    i was trying to think whether i sms-ed you birthday greetings that day, and then i figured i probably didn’t, cos i was in JP then. arrgh!! sorry dear!!!!!

    ok ok next year we shall celebrate your birthday in person ok… :)

  8. LOL. Ha ha dear, it’s ok, I know you’ve been super busy. And I knew that my birthday slipping your mind didn’t mean you loved me any less lah. *grin*

    *BIG HUG* Besides, this is the first time in 16 years you forgot… that’s a pretty good record! ha ha!

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