It's All Here (Snow, New Year, Philosophy!)


On Friday I had a conversation with one of the Cornellian graduate students. It was very interesting. He was a Hwa Chong science student (class of 91) who failed his A-levels. Retook it, then went on to NUS to study Psychology and Philosophy (the BEST combi ever man! *grin*), then to Harvard and got an M.A. in Philosophy of Education (starting to see why I say he’s interesting?), and now he’s in Cornell’s business school doing his dissertation on Creativity in Organizational Behaviour (probably where my dad wished I had ended up too! :P).

Similar intellectual and academic interests aside, I was fascinated when he told me that the Calvin and Hobbes comic inspired him to write a very interesting Developmental Psychology paper on the role of imaginary friends for children. Also, although I wondered about it before, I never knew that Calvin and Hobbes were really named after John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes (a fact which already interests and impresses me: a theologian and a philosopher!) I’d never paid particular attention to this comic strip before although there are a couple of avid fans among my friends. But now, my interest is piqued. :)


  1. Hi dear,

    Yes Calvin & Hobbes is the best! :) I always read them when I’m down… Like I said, I have all the books.. You can always borrow from me :)

  2. Ha ha dear, you are the most avid C & H fan I know! Cool, I’ll take you up on that offer one day when I’m back in Singapore. Maybe I can lend you Baby Blues if like :P hee

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