Meditation is a path. It’s a discipline. It isn’t a technique. A technique is something that we practise with the ego in order to achieve a desired result, and to be in control of the whole process. With a discipline, we are transcending the ego. We are not practising a discipline in order to get a desired result, but in order to lose ourselves, to move from the ego to the true self. No one can find his true self, Jesus tells us, unless we lose our false self. – Laurence Freeman OSB

Fr. Freeman also wrote that somebody once compared the mind to a tree full of monkeys jumping from branch to branch. How true that is! ha ha

It is amazing how 25 minutes of sitting still can pass so quickly and how much of that time was spent thinking about those monkeys! But well, I just read somewhere else yesterday that God loves the chaos in me too. And this morning’s meditation was so chocked full of jumping monkeys that when the chime went off at 25 mins, I could only say to Him, “Thank You for watching those monkeys along with me!” *grin*


On a different note, I’m so glad cos I finally found the mp3 to something I’ve loved for many years. Every year during Lent, the 12:10p.m. choir at St. Patrick’s Church where I attend mass in Toronto sings a beautiful Lord have mercy.

The choir at St. Patrick’s does a more beautiful job than this recording, but it’s still pretty nice. Enjoy!

Kyrie Eleison – Michael Joncas, “No Greater Love”

You were sent to heal the contrite
You came to call all sinners
You plead for us at the right hand of the Father
Kyrie eleison

You raise the dead to life in the Spirit
You bring pardon and peace to the sinner
You bring light to those in darkness
Christe eleison

You reconcile us to God and one another
You heal the wounds of sin and division
You intercede for us with your Father
Kyrie eleison


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