Bonjour, 'yellow gold'!

Potted Beauties (outside ice-cream cafe on McCaul & Dundas) Ethereal Blossoms Their deeelicious hot chocolate!

How lucky can I get? Only two times have I visited Bonjour Brioche… and BOTH times are the only times I have ever stepped on dog-poo in my entire life in Toronto! ARRGH! :P

It was a great outing nonetheless…especially the forecasted grey weather turned to blue skies and bright sunshine. With pretty flowers to line our way, what more can a couple of girls ask for on a Sunday in spring? :)


  1. I love those flowers too! I found out these flowers are called Fuchsias! Like the colour fuchsia! :)

  2. Ha ha yeah… but on the bright side I did get to eat at Bonjour Brioche again. And this time I tried their hot chocolate which was fantastic! I ended up having 2 cups! :P

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