I’m back in the tropics for sure. Even paper here feels damp. I bet you don’t notice it unless you have something to compare it with…

My mastercard bill from Canada arrived today. The envelope felt different. I could actually open the seal without tearing up the envelope badly. In Toronto that’s impossible w/o steaming the seal. Yep… even the paper inside felt more ‘flimsy’… not as crisp as the paper back in Canada.

Things get dustier a lot faster here too. Laundry stink faster. Food rot quicker. House-keeping will be a lot more challenging here than back in Toronto I reckon. :P


But the thunderstorms are magnificent. And the lush greenery is soothing to the mind. I sweat a lot more when doing yoga here which is a really good thing.

I’m slowly adjusting back to the climate here… but I think it’s still going to take some time to get used to the crowd. It still stifles me a little… the other day on the MRT an aunty who was sharing the same ‘holding post’ as me had her hand practically holding mine. And then, being too used to TTC, I tried pushing my way out of the MRT station gantry without tapping my EZ-Link card first.

Maybe the damp gets to my brains too :P


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