Do U Judge A Book from its Cover?

By now you probably have heard of this ‘Cinderella’ story… but this video is still really enjoyable to watch!

(Thanks for sending me, Mary-Ann!)


Have been having 14-hr long days of non-stop activities this week, all wedding and renovation related. Tired beyond belief! Very appreciative of friends who have been giving advice and extending help, and especially to my mother who has voluntarily put so much on hold to ferry my one-legged brother to and from work & physiotherapy and for chauffeuring and accompanying me around Singapore to run so many of my errands.

I’m also grateful beyond belief for a hubby who though busy adjusting to a new work environment is willing to go furniture shopping and do wedding planning with me practically every free hour he has. It means the world to me that we’re really sharing both the joy and the stress of this period with a mutually loving spirit.

Wedding planning can indeed be a trying time, and a wonderful test of love and faith. I must remind myself during the most difficult times to let Christ walk before me. :)

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  1. have u heard of this phrase?? “don’t judge my brother, he’s not a book!” ..haha. it was a quip by a celebrity in philippines on national tv!

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