Pilates Discovery… and Update

Today was my second pilates class at iPilates. I discovered some interesting facts about myself after some work on the Reformer machine, Cadillac and pulleys as well as a bit of mat and towel work.

1. My inner thighs are quite a bit stronger than my outer thighs. (For my mom it was the opposite!)
2. My left foot still can’t be flexed as much as my right foot (I injured my left leg 9 years ago), and my left leg in general is still weaker than my right leg.
3. I don’t much engage my latissmus dorsi muscles when using my arms (bad for shoulders and lower back).
4. I breathe very much into the front and side of my lungs but not much into the back.
5. I am so not graceful!!! (Pilates trains you in graceful, flowing movements while you work with your breath. It takes a great conscious effort on my part not to be jerky while also focusing on my breath and the position of my tail bone, feet, engaging abs and inner thighs etc while doing the exercises)
6. Pilates, at least the one-on-one individual assessment and instruction classes done on pilates machines aren’t cheap! It cost $110 for one 60 minute class!
7. Pilates instructors (and the advanced students) all look and move like dancers! *wistful*

Ah well, one class a week isn’t going to help elongate me very much unless I start building it into my regular exercise regime again. But I’m still in my Yoga phase, although Wednesday’s Yoga Flow class (Ashtanga-like) nearly killed me. I could barely keep up with the pace and difficulty of some of the poses (never twisted those ways before, didn’t realize my body could bend into such contorted poses) and at the end of it, I was sooo glad class was over. I don’t think I had the energy to do even 10 minutes more!


So tired these days… at about 1a.m. last night Zibin and my Mom were discussing the latest RSVPs in my room and I was looking through what colour paint, what kind of wood etc to use in our renovation… I lay down on the bed just for a second and before I knew it, I had fallen asleep. I’m so glad that I’m not working or studying during this period of time!

My friends and bridesmaids are also all travelling in the next few weeks at different times and it is impossible to find a meeting time where everybody can make it either for the helpers’ meeting or the Church rehearsal.

Also, I smell some fishy business going on between John and my friends now that the wedding date is drawing closer… I try not to be too curious but sometimes I wonder what they’re up to… :P

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