Yogatta do wat Yogatta do

The notepad Sa Sa passed me today from Wanting. ^^

Love it when friends give me things that seem to come with a knowing wink. :)


  1. hey!!! i love this!! i have one too, but i had to buy another one, cos i knew you are going to love it!

    don’t be too stressed out Ann! sorry to give you so much to worry about over here in TO, i’ll try my best to take care of stuff going on here…. :( remmeber for now, no news here is good news.

    saw your pictures, you guys look great in them! hopefully we’ll get to see footage of your wedding…. heh, see you all in action!

  2. Hi Ting!!!!! *big hug* I LOOOOOOVE it. When Melissa passed it to me at the Clementi Macdonalds I was like ‘eeeeeeeeeeee!’ (delighted squeal). It makes me miss you though! ha ha… Thank u so much for it. I hope you enjoy the present I gave Mel to pass to you… hope it’s not crushed!

    Don’t worry, I’m not overly stressed or worried about TO. You don’t be too worried too ok… I know you’ll help me take care of things there one. *pat pat*

    And for sure next time I’ll find some way to get a DVD of my wedding video over to you guys to see!

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