Yesterday I finally got completely married to Zibin. (heh heh.. completely cos ROM doesn’t count for us lah).

The day turned out so much more wonderful than we had ever expected. Virtually everything went like clockwork, and Zibin and I were completely stress-free because we had such a fantastic team of helpers coordinating our entire day from morning to night. We were totally engulfed in the warmth and love of family and friends whom we could never thank enough.

We thank God for blessing us so richly in the things that really matter to us. Material things come and go, but love…. love is priceless and puts everything else in the shade.

Our wedding day wasn’t just about celebrating us as a couple. We always meant for it to also be a celebration of those whose love and friendship have given us wings to fly and be the best people that we can be. We’re overjoyed that our wedding day became such a celebration.

Thank you all for loving us so much. We love you too! *BIG HUG*


Dearest Jesus,

Thank You for giving us such grace on our Wedding Day. Thank You for the gift of our families and friends. Help us to never take them for granted and to love them as much as we can in the ways that You call us to.

Keep us always in Your love, and keep our hearts always open to Your prompting. Draw us close to You, and never let us go!


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