There's No Place I'd Rather Be

Who would have thought I’d listen to PM Lee deliver his National Day Rally speech with rapt attention for the entire 2 hours without getting out of my seat even once?

Who would have thought that listening to his speech about ‘leveling up’ education and about Singapore’s future, I’d be moved till my eyes were moist?

Who would have thought that, after the speech, watching the MTV to Kit Chan’s ‘There’s No Place I’d Rather Be’, and knowing full well that it was meant to milk my emotions, I’d still feel my heart swell with pride and affection for this humid, hot, and crowded little dot that has become by my own choice, the place I’d rather be?

No matter what PM Lee or PAP’s detractors may say, last night’s National Day Rally speech had its desired impact on me. I felt vastly encouraged by the direction Singapore’s public policies seem to be heading. Singapore’s system isn’t perfect, but you’ve got to admit that it is a sharp double-edged sword. No other government in the world would dare to promise what PM Lee did last night. It remains to be seen if action will match the words delivered. But whatever the case, I thought that was one very heartening National Day Rally speech.



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