Hurting the ones you love

‘The only people who can hurt you are the people you truly love.
The only people whom you can hurt are the people who really love you.’

That’s what my friend Duanneng commented on Yinwei’s blog. I think she is right on.

If ever you loved deeply, you would also have been hurt deeply. But if you truly loved, such hurt would only till the soil of your heart to make it even more fertile.

And if you have experienced love that is true, you would know that no sin against family or friend is graver than the depth of love’s forgiveness.

It takes time for wounds to heal. But it takes just an instant to decide to forgive. It is a decision that must be renewed again and again as unresolved emotions from the hurt surface from time to time, but with each renewal, forgiveness becomes easier because we learn to let go of our ego and our pride.

None of this comes easily, even to the most loving and forgiving of individuals, for it is not within human capacity to love or forgive unconditionally. But with God’s grace, everything is possible.


I am not afraid of being hurt. I fear more that pride will harden my heart such that I think I cannot be hurt.

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