This just in from Toronto. I’ve heard from my roving pigeon-hating reporter in Toronto that a certain legally-inclined friend of mine decided to call me an atom. Why? Because I’ve got an eclectic cluster of “electron” friends!

Thank you, Monsieur, for the amusing and flattering analogy. But the real reason why I wanted to make this post was so that I can put that title up. *grin*


  1. i rather be known as a pigeon hater i guess. hahaha maybe journalism should have been my path :P anyway wt pointed something very impt out..hahaha atom is not the thing electrons are attracted to, haha but we forgot what was the center of the atom anyway :P haha it takes two nerdy science students to think of all these :P

  2. Whoa so fast ah… I didn’t know kenitic energy could travel so quickly between free-roving electrons and their nuclei. =P But I must say, it’s definitely a very punny use of yet another branch of science in your title.

  3. pigeon-hater: ha ha ha. i’ll leave the science to the ‘nerdy science students’. am even more amused now that wanting was also consulted on this…LOL.

    cestmoilah, have i used other branches of science in my title before? i don’t remember! :P

  4. Hey… not fair. Someone spell-checked my post. There was an intentional error made in the original version. Hmm…

  5. Haha… so much for subtlety! And I was referring to anatomy being a different branch of science from physics and atoms; wasn’t talking about another science-ified title you’ve made before.

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