OPL Sweethearts

I had an unexpected treat today. I got to hear the voices of the three dear girls staying in my Toronto apartment! Initially it was a call of necessity to sort out some information the condo’s management office needed… but of course we ended up talking a bit and catching up.

“Hi!!!” I love her phone greetings. *grin* The unmistakable delight of recognition conveys a wealth of warmth and affection. My trusted friend and the current ‘big sister’ of the OPL household (although she’s the youngest in age) who shares funny anecdotes about the other two occupants. Can’t wait for her to visit Singapore next January!

“Ann Ann!!!! Do you miss me????” The ever adorable Sa Sa who scrimps and saves on food now so that she can visit her beloved other-half in Boston. Ever candid, ever forthright, with plenty of colourful updates peppered with chirpy declarations of affection. So good to hear her long distance relationship is growing well. Despite being head over heels with her boyfriend, she still has plenty of 肉麻 stuff to spare for her housemates and me. :P

Li Ning
The latest addition to the OPL sorority… currently staying in my room. We started talking about how we were each getting on and I was happy to hear she’s living happily with Ting & Sa Sa. I think I scared her a bit by asking about the state of my apartment and she was very quick to assure me everything was fine. Ha ha…

Calling them from Singapore, I somehow felt like a big sister calling to see how my younger sisters are doing at home in Toronto. I’m really fortunate to still have that home away from home, and a ‘family’ staying in my apartment while I’m away! Heh.

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