Not my cup of Vivoci-tea

I don’t know if it’s the crowd (which wasn’t too bad today already), or the design (I felt like I was on a merry-go-round just trying to navigate the place), or just that I’m not a fan of shopping malls, but I got a headache doing my Christmas shopping at Vivocity today.

I hadn’t planned to go shopping. But my original appointments for the day were cancelled, and then I found out that John had taken leave today to go Christmas shopping. So on the spur of the moment, I decided to join him since I haven’t spent time with him in quite a while. We decided to go Vivocity cos the thought of going to Orchard Rd at this time made me shudder in apprehension (Friday afternoon, 4 days before Christmas). Afterall, I’m still Canadian… I’m adverse to shopping-manic crowds!

Neither John nor I are keen shoppers (it’s a chore to have to go out to buy stuff!) and neither of us were familiar with Vivocity. Everything was a blur, and it seemed as if we must have walked the entire 1st and 2nd levels of the mall twice because we kept getting lost.

My mood hit a new low when we entered Page One, a bookstore spanning 28,000 sq ft and renowned for its art and design titles. It was the first time I ever felt uninspired in a bookstore. I wouldn’t blame the books, cos I really didn’t browse very much. I was too disoriented by the asymmetrical and slanted bookshelves and kooky layout. I’m all for creative interior decor, but not one that makes me feel off-balance just by walking through it! (maybe I’m too visual. maybe my sense of balance just sucks :P)

These shelves made me dizzy! [photo from Page One’s website]

So there you go. An entire afternoon of walking and shopping. Ugh. The mission was accomplished but the execution left much to be desired. We were ill-prepared. I wish we had just gone in and out in 60 minutes. Maybe we should have just shopped at Westmall!


  1. oh i hate page one arrangement too, the asymmetrical bookshelves make me dizzy, so if i ever end up there, i will go straight to sit beside the window facing the sea..haha

  2. Me too :) The only good place is near the window where you look out to the waters, maybe it’s the water, balances better :)

    I also do not like the ‘big hole’ in the centre of Vivocity, where you need to walk one big triangular shaped perimeter to get to the other side… :)

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