Before 2008 arrives

2007 has come and gone.

It has been a blessed year full of interesting lessons. There were disappointments. There was pain and bitterness. Some things that I had hoped would be different this year didn’t change much at all. There’s still division and selfishness and unforgiveness within my life, as well as within me.

But still it has been a good year. For if there’s one important lesson I learned in 2007 it is that goodness is determined by both light and dark. Indeed, I think that the most defining moments of our lives are the dark ones, for those are the moments that stretch us and remind us of our vulnerability and nothingness. Our dark moments can be the most beautiful because when we feel like nothing, we look beyond the myth of our self-sufficiency and realize what truly matters: what we most need in our lives is not something we can earn – we already have God’s love unconditionally!

I have much to be thankful for this year. And so I am! :)

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