Fleeting Ting


The photo is of a nightshirt that Wanting came across in Walmart and bought on impulse because it reminded her of me. The 3 girls hugging actually makes me think of me, Ting & Sa Sa when we were living together. *smile* I love receiving gifts that aren’t for special occasions, but just because it has reminded someone dear of me. And once again, Ting has gotten me something that just… fits.

We had a simple and quiet gathering of Toronto friends today. It felt a little strange… different… meeting this group of people in Singapore instead of Toronto. You see, for so many years, I’ve subconsciously ‘compartmentalized’ my friends. When I’m in Singapore, I meet up with my old schoolmates. When I’m in Toronto, there’s my Toronto gang… the group of people that have warmed my heart and home overseas.

In the past I rarely meet up with Toronto friends when I’m in Singapore because the little time I had here was meant to be spent more with family and friends from home. But now that I’m back for good, it’s rather different. This evening’s gathering felt different too. Maybe it’s because everybody’s tired (from work etc). Maybe it’s just in my mind. But I was very aware that though we were all meeting in my home once again, this was in Singapore. Nevertheless, I was very happy to see my friends again, and to have them all gather around the table. :)


I hardly had any time to talk alone with Wanting. We didn’t catch up at all!! (well, nearly not at all :PP) But as soon as she walked in the front door I gave her a really long hug and man, I wish I could have hugged her longer. But then Calvin would have been stuck outside! *ha ha*

It’s not like I’ve been pining for Wanting, but I realized when she was here that I really miss her a LOT. I guess I miss living with her. I miss our midnight chats, our home-made breakfasts together, our sharing the kitchen… I miss her grumbling when she’s had a bad day, her cheery stories about interesting things that happened at work and with other friends.

When I was in Toronto, she was family. Though things won’t be the same as before now that we’re no longer living together, she’ll always be special.


I haven’t seen Ting in so long that I would have loved to have a long chat with her one on one. I already knew this wouldn’t be possible during her short trip back (because seriously, only 10 days in Singapore? i think that’s not even enough time to spend with her family, let alone friends), but we’ll probably save it for another time.

I know we will.


  1. Yes, I want to introduce her to you and the other girls too! Too bad her stay here is so short. Might have to wait till when she comes back for good! ha ha… yah not only is her MBTI same as urs, her bf’s is same as Jiafu!

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