The Original F4 [Fab 4]

The Terrible Two

V for Very Good Mama

Victim of Ivy’s fork

It was a belated birthday celebration dinner for me. :)

Ivy and YW used their wiles to try and trick me into choosing a pretty/girly dress that the 3 of them would then present as a surprise birthday present to me. They were so cute, really. Almost from the get-go I guessed they wanted me to buy me a dress for my present, but they were so adorable putting on their ‘show’ (come Ann, just try a dress on for fun la! we also choose clothes to try…) that I decided to just play along with them. :P

Thank you for the dinner, dessert and dress. My favourite part of the evening was your company.. so thank you for being you, and for being in my life! :)


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