This has been a blessed weekend filled unexpectedly and simultaneously with love from all over…

Thank you both for the wonderful Friends portrait all the way from New York. I absolutely LOVE it! *hug*
Thank you for the specially ordered from Manila book for Zibin. We’re really touched… especially after the ‘sonata’ incident… :P
Thank you both for the adorable ballerina birthday card. I miss you both heaps and heaps too and can’t wait to see you again!
Thank you for bringing those K-drama vcds from your mom’s place with me in mind too… *ha ha*…
Thank you for finding and sending me that “Obvious Song”. :)
Thank you for watching My Girl with me and enjoying it so much, and indulging me with my thousand and one hypothetical questions about love and revisiting the start of our own love story… ^^

I thank God for all of you wonderful people in my life! I LOVE YOU!

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