Off to New York & Toronto

By the time this post appears on my blog, I should be on the plane watching the take-off video :P I’m flying to New York! And then, on Tuesday evening, to good ol’ Toronto.

As much as I’ve been looking forward to this trip, I find myself feeling rather reluctant to leave. For one thing, it’s going to be my first separation from Zibin after our wedding last August. *sniff* Though it’s only going to be 3 weeks before he joins me in Toronto, still feel 舍不得 lah… :P Still, I know in no time we’re both going to be happily working and frolicking with friends in our respective locations (ok soccer for him… no frolicking).

Ok lah. To everyone in Singapore, I’m gonna miss you. We’ll keep in touch here… and as always I’m just an email away. Yeah!

And to my friends in Toronto: ready or not, here I come! Get ready to hit my favourite eating haunts with me and to talk talk talk and laugh laugh laugh and be hugged and whacked silly! (ok. am a little high… very tired and it’s past my bedtime…)


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