Home in Toronto

Just a quick update. Arrived in Toronto!

First time arriving at Terminal 1 at Pearson Int’l Airport and man is it waaay nicer (of course newer) than Terminal 3 where I usually arrive when taking Cathay Pacific. Tsk. Oh, and Air Canada now also has video on demand with touch screen that’s larger than the screen on SQ. Interesting note. (though overall experience of cos still better with SQ. they didn’t serve proper meal on AC!)

It was also my first time arriving in Toronto where I was driven home from the airport. (Thanks, Calvin!) Upon arriving home, Sa Sa cooked some delicious instant hor fun for ravenous me and I slurped it up while listening to her and Ting talk. It was nice to fill my tummy with something hot and savoury. Yummm…

Many thanks to Ning for making my room so clean and comfortable for me to come back to… and to Sa Sa for cleaning and tidying the apt! You girls are the best!

Ok it’s late. And I’m going to try getting more than 3 hours of sleep tonight. :P


  1. you should try the new Singapore Airlines A380. I think the screens even in economy class are at least 10-11″. :) But so far not flying to our Trans-Atlantic/Pacific routes yet lah…

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