To my new God-daughter

Jing Jing – Mary – praying after her first communion

Dearest Jing (Mary!),

Congratulations on your Baptism and Confirmation!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Everything is different now… you know you are no longer living for yourself but for the Lord.

Let’s walk this long and winding road together with hearts full of hope, never forgetting that we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit and born into new life.

Thank you for your faith in me as a friend, a fellow traveller, and now, as Godmother. :)


Lord, I am not worthy, but I believe that all I need to do is say ‘yes’ to You, and You can make me an instrument of Your love and wisdom. Help me, Lord, to live my faith fully, and give me humility, wisdom, and love so that I may be a good Godmother to your precious daughter Jing Jing.

God-mother & God-daughter (Ann & Mary)


  1. Congrats, Jing Jing, and welcome to the family… :)

    Ann, I know you’d do great as a god-ma! May God teach you through your experiences as a god-ma too!

  2. Ohh congrats! If Chris is a good boy and stays put till after 2pm on Sunday, i’ll get to be a God-ma too! =) Otherwise my poor Gilly girl will have to wait till May to get baptised.

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