What if I had wavy hair?

I went to get a haircut in Koreantown today. The pretty hairdresser lady said to me before she was going to dry my hair, “Your hair…straight. Today make curly, ok?”

I thought, why the heck not? Let’s live a little! So she used the flat-iron to curl my hair… and ta-da! ha ha ha… what do you think? Does it make me look more mature? More feminine?

I actually like the look more than I expected. :)

I decided to give ZB a scare when he called me this evening.

Me:“Hey guess what? I curled my hair!”
Me: *lying*“Yah, I got a perm!”
ZB: *meaningful pause* “How long will it take before your hair is straight again?”

It was totally expected. Zibin always says he doesn’t like curly hair. Then again, he also used to say he preferred girls with short hair. But when I grew my hair long, he was the one who asked me not to cut it short. So maybe, anything can happen? Hee hee..


  1. wow Ting, u’re observant! they ARE mirror images… the only way I could take these photos by myself! ha ha… :P

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