My Toronto Gang

My Toronto Gang (who are still in Toronto!)

The original OPL ‘Bathrobe’ Sorority Sisters

We celebrated Jing Jing & Wanting’s birthdays today with our own hot-pot special! Though the Toronto Gang has shrunken a lot since a couple of years ago, it was still wonderful.

Maybe it’s because this group of friends are younger… maybe it’s because they’re either students or still quite fresh in the working force… maybe it’s because we’re in Toronto… but my gatherings with them always have high levels of energy.

I’m gonna miss them again when I leave… but it’s nice to know that no matter where I am on this globe, these friends are never far from my heart.

Happy Birthday to my God-daughter and my ‘half-and-half sibling’! :) Welcome to the… MID-TWENTIES!

For more photos from tonight, visit the photo album: Ting & Jing’s Birthday

And to the April Baby who couldn’t be in Toronto for this year’s party, happy birthday to you in advance, Phei Yee! *hugz*


  1. I KNOW! I thought the same thing about it… ha ha ha…. Zibin say must give him credit (he took the photo).

    I have several versions of the same photo… I liked this one the best because it is so spontaneous with all the different expressions and actions. :P

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