Blooming in obscurity

There’s someone I know who used to blog very regularly and her blog was always entertaining to read. Sometimes, though, I wondered at the cryptic tone she uses now and then. On more than one occasion, I thought it was a pity that she never shared on her blog the many wonderful insights and reflections that she easily shares in person.

She stopped blogging for a while, and I missed her writing a lot. Then, she started blogging again, but this time in relative obscurity so that not many people could visit. From the first entry, I was surprised at how much bolder she has become in sharing her thoughts and reflections. I immediately guessed that part of the reason must be the obscurity. But I don’t think that’s the only reason. I think she has become more confident of her own voice, and it is showing in her writing.

I am happy for you! Seeing these instances of you blooming encourages me to face challenges head-on too so that I can also grow. I have so much faith in you! Not that you won’t make mistakes, or that you’ll always have the will to choose the right thing. But I have faith that no matter how many times you fall, you will pick yourself up and keep walking in God’s love.

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