Introducing Questra Vipers FC

The logo and jersey John designed

Back in April, I mentioned how John had started a new football club. Back then I wasn’t allowed to share on my blog any of the artwork he had done for the club (jersey design, banners etc) because their website wasn’t up yet. Well, their league season has started and so I’m proud to introduce on my blog the Questra Vipers Football Club!

The advert artwork at the end of this entry is just one of many that John has done. (I chose this one cos it features my brother lah!) Their website ( is really cute. I say cute cos it’s got practically everything that a professional football club website has (player stats, match stats, match reports, news, even multimedia), and all very professionally done. Don’t believe me? Check out one of their match reports, or click on one of the player profiles. *grin*

My soccer geek and artist of a brother is really having a ball of a time with this club. :P

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