My husband on a Singapore stamp?

If you’re into stamps, you might know that the RSAF recently released a stamp collection as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations. The stamps feature the various vocations in the RSAF, and apparently, Zibin is the face of the AEO (Air Engineering Officer).

Several years ago, Zibin was asked to pose under a F-16 for a photo that was used for promotional and recruitment purposes. That picture had appeared in the newspapers as well as in recruitment pamphlets given to JC students, and we only know of it when we hear from friends and family who recognize him. Unfortunately, we don’t actually have a good copy of that photo.

Apparently, that old photo has now been recycled again! Cropped and used to compose a new image in a Singapore post stamp. It was one of Zibin’s colleagues who first recognized the image and informed him of it. I happened to be near a post office yesterday so I purchased a stamp to verify it. The image quality isn’t good enough for me to feel that it’s definitively Zibin, but the hair, the nose and the neck do seem like him. The pose is exactly like the one in the photograph he took before. So, (forgive this doubting Thomas of a wife), I guess there is a very high probability that it is him.

But you know, I really want to get my hands on a magnifying glass to try and make out the tiny print on the name-tag. Cos it really would be kind of cool if it is Zibin on that stamp. I mean, I used to assume that unless you’re a head of state, the chances of having your face appear on a national postage stamp is pretty negligible.

Anyway, just in case, I’ve purchased the presentation set of the RSAF stamp collection. :).


  1. ha ha ha yes yes… no ’emo’ drama for us. *LOL* I love you for injecting good drama in my life! I’m sure all your friends do!

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