I cannot begin to describe the joy, the deep joy, of sharing my Catholic faith with my husband.

Today Zibin had a particularly difficult day at work. But when he shared what had happened with me, I felt my heart soar with gratitude and pride because he did not dwell on the injustice that he had suffered, but on the grace God had given him to stay calm while ‘under fire’ and to come through the ordeal without any bitterness. He and I both knew that the way he had managed to respond today required strength and patience beyond his human capacity.

As I listened to his sharing, I felt a deep sense of God’s love for my husband, and indeed for us as a family. God’s presence in our marriage and in our lives became very real, and not just something we know and believe in. In that moment, I felt that we were both being embraced by our loving Father, and I realized… that this is exactly the difference that a shared faith and prayer life makes in a family. When trials come, we are more aware of and receptive of God’s grace to help us carry the crosses with forbearance and love. And when we share our trials with each other in faith, we are bound closer together as a family in God’s love.

We thank God for His magnificent grace and love!

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