Simply Her: A breath of fresh air

There aren’t many women’s magazines in the market that I would pay money to purchase. While it may be cursorily pleasant to the eye to browse the typical fashion/life-style magazine, they often leave me feeling empty. I appreciate pretty faces/bodies and elegant fashion as much as the next woman (have I ever mentioned how I adore looking at Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly?). And I’m all for being well-groomed and stylish but I don’t think concern about the physical should be the over-riding priority in life. These magazines overtly promote life-style choices that make me uncomfortable. The gratuitous and unapologetic materialism ‘porn’ and the promiscuous life-styles that most of their relationship columns implicitly encourage usually send warning bells ringing in my head. I’m not immune to such attractively-packaged influences either and I try to be wary of things that I think will become stumbling blocks from my chosen path.

I’m sure there are good life-style magazines out there for women who desire more than to read about what’s the latest fashion trend or ‘must-buy’ designer label… or advice on something other than how to make themselves look younger, slimmer, prettier… or how to make men want to date them or sleep with them, or ‘tricks’ to have their relationship partners yield to them. But I’m not in the habit of magazine browsing, so I don’t know which magazines might suit me (btw if any of you have recommendations, please share with me!).

That’s why it was a pleasant surprise for me when a magazine called Simply Her caught my attention at my hair-dresser’s a few months back. Then, while I was getting a mani-pedi prior to John’s wedding, I chanced upon Simply Her again. I’ve now purchased the last two monthly editions of the magazine and so far they are keepers, with articles I would love to share with others. As with all other literature, I still read Simply Her critically, asking myself how articles apply to me, and whether or not I agree or not with the advice given. So far, I’ve found the mag worth my time and my money.

Want to read a magazine that is entertaining, has useful tips, great pictorials, and which also inspires you to have a good attitude and live a well-rounded life? You might want to give Simply Her a chance. *wink*

About the Magazine

Simply Her has what all women’s magazines must have: some pages on beauty and grooming. But that’s just a small portion of the magazine. And even when it comes to fashion, they have helpful articles like what style of pants to choose to flatter different body-types, how to dress in nice styles that suit your personality, or how to choose make-up colours that flatter your skin tone instead of just brain-washing you to buy, buy, buy.

Here are the sections of Simply Her, all which would suit a busy modern woman looking to live a balanced life as simply as possible while still looking good. The magazine’s tag line sums it up sweetly: Busy women. Smart solutions. Balancing lives.

The get list | Solutions
Includes articles on tips like creative ways to use a decorative fruit bowl, alternative uses for everyday home items (use a spaghetti to light birthday candles!) and cool items that actually do more than just look good on you or in your home. E.g. I loved the piece titled ‘Clutter Control: affordable items to organize your home’ in the Oct issue.

E.g. ‘Ace your base now: the right foundation for your needs and skintype’, ‘Regain healthy, lustrous hair: solutions for common hair and scalp problems’

E.g. ‘Work those legs: Four types of pants that flatter different body shapes’, ‘Shifts that go everywhere: How to work the ultra-versatile shift dress’, ‘In living colour: Ways to introduce colour into your wardrobe’

This section has feature articles on a cover celebrity that focuses on some quality they possess other than glamour and people whose real battles against adversity inspire. It also features a readers’ section with responses to questions like ‘Who inspires you and why?’ and ‘What’s your #1 wish for your career?’
E.g. ‘The Price for Size: A high-achiever’s battles with an eating disorder’, ‘The new school mums: Three mothers juggle between study and family’, ‘Born to be brave: The indomitable spirit of one “miracle baby”‘

Me Management
I love this section! E.g. ‘Coming clean: A systematic guide to cleaning and decluttering your home’, ‘How do you doodle? What your random squiggles say about you’, ‘Over 35 and pregnant: Overcoming late pregnancy fears and dealing with its risks’, ‘Checking notes: Relook your finances and save a bundle’

Smart Shopper
This section would appeal to the fastidious ‘quality for money’ shopper in all women. It’s a great section with reviews and comparisons of products from credit cards, swimming goggles, rice cookers, laptop sleeves, furniture to kitchen products. Someone else has done the leg-work and research, readers can just relax and read about it!

Family & Couples
This section is what sold me on Simply Her. Sound advice, smart and sympathetic articles on issues that every woman faces at some time or another. E.g. ‘Parent care: How to plan for and cope with ageing parents’, ‘Damage control: Understanding and dealing with your child’s misbehaviours’, ‘For love or money: Couple finances and what it says about the relationship’, ‘Love against all odds: Couples who overcame obstacles to be together’, and a favourite I’m sure, ‘The Parent Trap: Tactful ways to handle your meddlesome parents (and parents-in-law!)’

Better Home
Eating places, recipes, reviews on the best of (e.g. mooncakes, orange juice etc) and super-easy preparation dishes for the busy woman

All about books! Reviews, deals, hot off the shelf info…

(OK, have I earned a free year of subscription to the magazine or not? :P)


  1. What a lovely idea! I think it would suit them very well! Don’t forget to get one for yourself too while you’re at it! :P

  2. I read Simply Her occassionally, and I used to read Singapore Women’s Weekly too. This was before I was pregnant, where suddenly I only read Young Parents and Motherhood :) I also used to read Shape.

  3. glad to see you’ve found a fashion magazine worthy of reading!!:)though its not exactly a fashion magazine, its definitely more commercial than The Economist….:) I’m happy to say that the fridge i bought for my house was listed as Best Value in the Smart Shopper section once… most gratifying.:) I’ve subscribed to it last year, but stopped this year because the subscription gift wasn’t as enticing…and anyway I buy it off the shelf depending on the content each month.. see what catches my eye for that issue. Happy Reading! :)

  4. You could try Vanilla. I thumbed through it once and it is definitely not your run of the mill female magazine. Though I must say that compared to Simply Her, I still like the latter. =) Love the household tips. =P

  5. Hi Su Fern! Thnx for the recommendation! But is Vanilla going to be discontinued? I thought I read about that somewhere…

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