The husband

The Popular phenomenon
I’ve been heading to Popular bookstore quite frequently lately. A few of those times it’s with the hubby. What amuses me no end is that every time we walk into one, he – that is, my Stephen Chow loving husband – starts singing words associated with an entirely different Stephen (Schwartz). He actually starts singing ‘Popular’ from the musical Wicked! Sure, he doesn’t get much further than “Popular. You’re gonna be popular!” But that’s enough for me to imagine his friends looking at him in horror and then at me in accusation. I guess fair is fair… he’s got me referring to cockroaches as 小强 (Stephen Chow fans will no doubt recognize which movie that comes from) and now I’ve got him singing songs from musicals.

And it so happens that I’m playing the song as I’m making this entry and the husband is warbling and bobbing happily along. :P


What percent again?
Just yesterday, Ivy made the funny observation that the more my husband earns, the more tight-fisted I seem to be when it comes to spending money. Well, Ivy would appreciate this snippet.

We were shopping for long-sleeved shirts for him because it’s been literally years since he bought new ones and he’s been recycling the same two shirts over and over again every time he has a dinner event to attend. We found a store where he managed to find several designs he liked. At my encouragement, he bought four shirts, a pair of pants and a new belt.

After paying for the purchases…
ZB: Well, there goes 5% of my salary.
Me: At least it’s in purchases for yourself and not your wife!
ZB: *wry* If it was for you, it would have been 50% of my salary.

Looks like women aren’t the only ones prone to exaggeration. Then again, if he’s willing to part with 50% of his salary for me… Darling, did you know that there’s a new model for Macbook? *smirk*


  1. Talk abt being tight-fisted. i just went to the Cathay to jalan-jalan while waiting for Davin. The tees at almost all the shops i went into cost abt $60. For the life of me, i can’t imagine parting with $60 for a tee shirt!!! At one particular shop, the average cost of the tees was $90. GEEZ! My entire outfit for the day, shoes included cost about $90. And Davin tells me SMU students shop at the Cathay….. So rich….

  2. Ivy:
    I hope not!!! He knows I’m kidding! That would be a terrible extravagance. But it’s sweet that you think so highly of him. ha ha!

    *blanch* That’s insane. Young people these days… Beatrice told me she has younger colleagues who think nothing of spending $30-$40 for lunch on a regular basis, and who come to work clad head to toe in branded gear. No wonder so many of them are in debt…

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