A wise and holy priest

A while ago, after I had become aware of my great need for healing, I felt a strong inner prompting to seek the direction and counsel of Fr. William Goh. Initially I was hesitant to approach him because I know him to be extremely busy, being the rector of the St. Francis Xavier Seminary and all. But the prompting to seek him out grew undeniably strong and so I emailed him. I have since met him personally and corresponded with him via email. He has impressed me and my husband so deeply that I just feel like recording down my experience.

What strikes me most about Fr. Goh is that he is a man of deep spirituality. He radiates an interior freedom and peace. His words ring with wisdom. When he speaks God’s word, he does not only intone it but he proclaims it with his entire being. His insight – into my psyche and life history – is startling.

He speaks truth directly – with no sugar coating, and yet not bluntly. His diagnoses and analyses are piercing and yet it is clear that he does not judge me.

I have often heard about God’s compassion and forgiveness from other good priests. But Fr. Goh knows that hearing about compassion without also hearing the truth about my problems cannot heal me. The words he spoke to me in counsel dually pierced my heart with the light of truth and restored me with the power of God’s love. It is an experience I never had before.

He is a man so unattached to anything and so plain and humble that he is deeply contented and really free to love and serve wherever he is called. In my current state, it is that profound liberty I sense in him that draws me. I wish I could one day experience that kind of freedom and serenity of spirit.

It is a blessing to be ministered to by such a wise and holy man of God.

Dear Father, I praise You with all my heart for creating Fr. William Goh and for prompting me to go to him. When I see a priest like him – so filled with the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and light – I feel drawn to You even more.

Lord, I pray that Fr. Goh will continue to grow in holiness and purity so that Your Word may shine even more brightly through Him and touch Your people. Please deliver him from all temptation and bless him with health and strength to serve Your flock.

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