A new creation

My friends, yesterday marked the 7th consecutive day of healing for me and amazing things have happened. Things that I feel many of you will not believe, though perhaps that sentiment of mine is from a lack of trust in God.

Would you believe me if I told you that miracles have happened in my life? That for the entire day God had been speaking to me in my voice, testing me, challenging me, comforting me, driving me to exhaustion because He wouldn’t stop talking and asking me to do things? Maybe it does not matter if you believe me or not. I am not asked to convince anyone, merely to witness.

There will be many new things you will be learning about me and hearing about me. Things which I have kept secret because of shame but which soon will be proclaimed openly for the glory of God. When the time is right you will know more. But as of yesterday, I am fully reconciled with my mother – I have forgiven her completely from the bottom of my heart and she has forgiven me. I have written my father a love letter in which I poured out my desire to be reconciled with him and to get to know him and love him.

God has promised me that my family will be healed and that my parents will finally have the marriage they never had but which He had always meant for them to have.

From yesterday on, I can truly say, my will is no longer my own. It is God’s. My life is no longer my own, it is God’s. My time is no longer my own – it is God’s. My relationships are all no longer my own – they all belong to God. God has claimed me and made me His own – He has betrothed Himself to me and made me a covenant. I belong to Him body and soul.

God give me faith to trust in the marvelous things He is doing in me! I am a brand new creation of God’s.

My husband and I and our promised children (for would you believe me God promised me sons and daughters?) will consecrate our lives to God and His people in loving service. We have been called to a radical faith.

God has finally shown me my mission. He told me my mission is not among the 3rd world countries or among the materially poor. My mission is with young people suffering from rejection in parental relationships and who have lost the ability to love themselves. Their healing is my mission. How that will unfold He has not yet told me. My immediate concern is to make myself available to my mother and my father. The healing of my family is my immediate mission, and I am just asked to be available to them.

I must specifically thank Jing Jing and Ivy for being part of my journey this past few weeks. I want to let you both know that you have both given me messages that God wanted me to hear. In fact I am telling you that in all certainty you have spoken God’s words to me.

Ivy, the book you recommended me has been passed on to my mother at God’s direction. It was undoubtedly God’s intent to let me read that book at that specific moment in time.

Jing, you have NO IDEA the extent to which your last email to me is true. I am no longer holding back. The trailer is over – the real show is about to begin. *wink*

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