God provides

It’s amazing how beautiful the world becomes when I open myself to God’s grace. In so many little things, in little ways, my days are brightened when I let Him lead me. Unexpected encounters, a chance to spend time with a friend’s hospitalized mother and hear about her life story, a lovely new hand-bag from a fashion forward friend, new friends…

I had recently been roped in to serve as the secretary of a musical production. I have very little interest in being involved in such a project, but something prompted me to respond to a call for volunteers. I met the frazzled producer who, after going through what they need in the production team and publicity suddenly said, “Actually, what we need most of all is someone to do the most thankless and difficult job. We need a secretary to take care of the administrative things and keep track of all the different departments.” I swear, at that very moment, to my amused horror, I practically heard God tell me, “Ann, this is the reason you came. Take this job.” So I took it – and the poor producer was so relieved and happy, I felt like a gift-wrapped present from God. God provides.

That was last Sunday. This morning, I felt suddenly prompted to go to West Mall to have brunch and shop (and I almost never feel a desire to shop!). I went to Subway and sat down with my roast beef sandwich. At the table next to mine were two young men and a woman. They were deep in animated conversation. I soon realized the woman was a teacher, and the young men were talking to her about the various ways she can incorporate drama into her english lessons.

Gauging by the passion with which those young men spoke, it was easy to tell they are VERY into drama productions and that they are very experienced. I suddenly knew this was a reason why I came to West Mall, and to Subway in particular. I read my book for 45 mins waiting for them to finish. I was so certain that I am meant to speak with them that when I had to leave to go to the bathroom, I approached their table, apologized, and asked to speak with one of the guys.

I told him about Paul the Musical. That it was a church production but that we are calling for participation from all over Singapore. It’s strictly voluntary (no pay, no profit!) but we are in dire need of talent in all the areas of the production. Was there any chance he and his friends might be interested? Ahmad’s (that’s his name) eyes lit up. “What a WONDERFUL opportunity! I have friends that I’m sure would be interested in finding out more… do you guys need vocal coaches? I know a few.” As it happens, we DO need vocal coaches… and drama coaches… We exchanged contact info and promised to keep in touch. I called my producer and she was thrilled. God provides.

Later on, I smsed an old JC friend of mine who used to be very involved in drama productions – who also happens to be a parishioner of St. Mary of the Angels. Would he and his wife be interested in helping? “Hmm… interesting! Will check… send over more info?” God provides.

I don’t worry if these leads pan out or not. When I got involved with this project, I had felt a deep sense that God will see it through for us. And already He is doing it in ways I never expected… and involving people beyond my acquaintance, even beyond the boundaries of faith and religion.

Oh, as for shopping? I left West Mall with 2 dresses, 4 tops and 2 pairs of new shoes totaling less than $200. This from a person who didn’t even buy a single new item for CNY because I thought it wasn’t that important, and because I don’t like to shop. But my favourite store was having a massive sale… and I found items to my liking. What a nice birthday treat for myself! (I called to thank Zibin for the nice present of a sponsored shopping spree. Ha ha!)

What can I say? God provides!

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