DC Talk's "My Will"

It’s a little embarrassing to think back on the time when I was so infatuated with Zibin (early courtship days) that I’d be game to try whatever he liked, even against my own tastes. Chilli, coffee, raw fish, Stephen Chow, C-pop, and… Christian Rock. I have always generally preferred worship music of the more soothing and sacred kind, and almost never listened to Christian Rock which was kind of just… noise… to me. :P

But then my boyfriend – then a very young Christian – told me that there was this song he really loved and he shared it with me. That was nearly 10 years ago, and I didn’t love it, but I thought the lyrics were good. Fast forward to the me of today, and I now recognize that there is something particular about the Christian Rock genre in which the style and music reflects the sheer power and drive of faith that traditional sacred music does not capture.

Furthermore, I now understand why this song spoke so much to Zibin – it is because the sentiments the lyrics express resound in the light of a true conversion experience. For a deep conversion is really that liberating – aggravating perhaps to those who cannot understand, but healing and freeing to many more who seek peace.

I dedicate this song today to Ivy – may we always be able to praise God together and claim His will as ours!


My Will by DC Talk
I’m setting the stage for the things I love
And I’m now the man I once couldn’t be
Nothing on earth could now ever move me
I now have the will and the strength a man needs

It’s my will, and I’m not moving
Cause if it’s Your will, then nothing can shake me
It’s my will, to bow and praise You
I now have the will to praise my God

Complexity haunts me for I am two men
Entrenched in a battle that I’ll never win
My discipline fails me, my knowledge it fools me
But You are my shelter, all the strength that I need

(repeat chorus)

I’m learning to give up the rights to myself
The bits and the pieces I’ve gathered as wealth
Could never compare to the joy that You bring me
The peace that You show me is the strength that I need

(repeat chorus)

We’ve got to be children of peace
Don’t you know we’ve got to be children of peace

(repeat chorus & bridge simultaneously 3x)

It’s Your will, It’s Your will [4x]

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