Put to work

It’s official… starting tomorrow I’m going to be a full-time staff in my parish of St. Mary of the Angels. I’ve been recruited into the Catechist Office to help plan and implement the curriculum and program (from Pr 1 to Sec 4) and how to integrate it into the spiritual development of the parish at large.

Interesting how things work out. At 15 I had once wanted to be Education Minister so I can revamp Singapore’s education system. But now I get the chance to revamp a different kind of education system – one that I care about even more than mainstream education. And I get to work under a visionary boss who is eager to let me have virtually free rein to suggest ideas and who backs me up fully. And it seems my training in policy and philosophy of education is going to be put to work too! Oh, and Fr. John Paul (my boss) actually has read and likes Bernard Lonergan’s philosophy of education. That’s the philosopher who inspired me the most in my undergrad philosophy studies! Cool, eh?

But you know what I’m most looking forward to in this new job? The daily afternoon community prayers in the chapel and the home-cooked lunches! Yeah, they’ve got a cook who prepares the meals for the parish priests and the full-time staff. No need to have headache about what to eat for lunch… plus FREE and healthy makan some more. ha ha ha…

But darn, no more impromptu afternoon naps anymore. :P


  1. haha! So you did take the job partly cos of the food :P

    Oh you would SO feel like gng for a nap right after lunch >____<

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