The stars, a rainbow, and rain…

Recently many of the people I know are going through really tough times. Family members seriously ill or injured, on the brink of losing jobs, going through personal crises etc. But I think it’s wonderful how God shows His love for my friends through nature, and how they somehow feel this love even if they do not attribute it to him.

A friend studying abroad was depressed and crying while on a journey between two cities. She suddenly looked up and noticed that the night sky was filled with stars. She told me that she could feel God’s love through the stars… and she was comforted.

Another friend smsed me that after a tedious and difficult day at work, she saw a rainbow. And that a colleague then saved her from a long trek out to the main road by giving her a lift. “How wonderful is that?” she remarked.

Finally, another friend whose family has been bombarded with one problem after another and who had been feeling understandably overwhelmed smsed me that today’s rain had come at just the right time. She had felt like it was washing away her anxiety.

God is a Father who uses all the powers at His disposal to express His love for His children. How wonderful that even the stars, a rainbow and rain can uplift our spirits and renew the hope in our hearts!

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