My prayer warriors

Every Friday evening, a wonderful thing happens in my home.

A small group of people comes together to break bread, share the Word of God, pray for one another and have fellowship. My SCC (Small Christian Community) group is a prayer powerhouse. Our meetings recharge our spiritual batteries in such powerful ways that no matter what state we arrive in, we disperse feeling uplifted, encouraged and fully reminded of God’s faithfulness and love.

The last few weeks have been tough for each member in different ways. J nearly lost her job (when her husband is already not working), L found out his wife is pregnant with their 4th child (eldest is only about 6yrs) at a time when plans are in flux, S had to dismiss and discipline employees and manage conflict with tenants etc. But all it takes is one SMS to the group and immediately prayers are poured forth as reminders of God’s faithfulness are sent. There was a week when ZB SMSed a short passage from Imitation of Christ each morning for sharing, and everyone was edified and comforted in different ways.

My SCC group was formed sometime in October/November last year. And so they pretty much had front row seats for the conversion and transformation that I underwent in January this year. I feel so blessed by this group of spiritual friends through whom God affirms and encourages me in the mission He has given me.

During Lent, my SCC group has decided to do fasting (eat only bread) on every Friday as a group to pray for all the special prayer intentions that each of us has. So many people = family, friends, projects, colleagues, organizations, enemies – are being offered up to God through our common fast.

And as it turns out, partly because one of our SCC members is now the organizer for the upcoming Alpha Course in our parish, our entire SCC group (minus our facilitator who has to take care of her 2 young grandchildren) is in the service team. Three of us will be leading small groups in Alpha. So we are also serving God’s people together!

Thank You, God, for this beautiful group of people that shares their brokenness in humility and faith with one another. Thank You for reigning in our hearts and for working so powerfully through our prayers and daily life. Thank You for giving us this haven in which we can share our failures and our triumphs as a small community and offer each high and low up to You. May we bring glory to Your Name!

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