To all of you who prayed for me and all who went for the Conversion Experience Retreat, THANK YOU. So many people (there were 120 attending and more than 100 volunteers) were touched by God’s grace and love over the 4 days of the retreat. Hardened hearts were melted, many healings – spiritual, emotional and physical took place.

The most touching of testimonies for me was of a 70+ yrs old man who shared that he had the best experience of the Sacrament of Reconciliation in this life during this retreat – when he wept from his heart so hard he could not say a single word. And he felt deeply that God the Father was weeping with him – and that he did not need to say a word, for God knows all, and was crying with Him in spirit. He shared that when he said the Act of Contrition this time, he felt like he was a clean sheet of paper and his heart had never in his life been lighter or more joyful. He praised God that God let him live long enough to have this encounter with God in this life.

There were people who flew in to attend this retreat from India, Myanmar, the Philippines and Africa. Three priests attended the retreat – from India, Africa and Malaysia. They too were touched deeply by the Holy Spirit at this retreat.

Fr. William Goh and all the helpers at this retreat had been praying and fasting for more than a month before this retreat in spiritual preparation. And all throughout the 4 days of the retreat, there were people praying unceasingly – dedicated to praying for the participants – in a prayer room at the retreat center. So many people prayed and fasted for us, and gave of their time and energy so generously, I am profoundly touched by their love for God and for God’s people.

Wonderful things have happened in my family, even though the healing is still continuing. My family has been and continues to be transformed – individually and as a family. Praise God!

Father of All Mercies,

I never realized before this Conversion Experience Retreat just how concretely and deeply You love me. I never realized before this retreat just how much Your heart weeps for Your children when we sin – for You hurt even more than we do when we hurt ourselves and one another. I never realized that Jesus weeps with You, both because He hurts for us, and also because He hurts for Your wounded heart. And that it is because of His great love for YOU, His Father, and for US, His brothers and sisters, that He willingly chose to come into the world to bear our sins so that we can see how much YOU love us.

For so long have I misunderstood You to be a distant father – when Your love for me is so deep that You did not spare Yourself the pain of seeing Your Son suffer so that not one of all your children would be lost. You showed more mercy to Abraham than to Yourself, for You spared Him his son Isaac – but You did not keep Jesus for Yourself but gave Him to all of us.

Thank You, dearest and most beloved Father! My eyes have been opened. Give me the Holy Spirit always that I may for the rest of my life declare to the world this love of Yours!

And Thank You, Jesus, dearest Big Brother, my Lord and Saviour, for loving Our Father and us so profoundly and perfectly. Your love has given me the strength to take up my cross and to offer my life to You as a living sacrifice. Allow me to share in Your burden – for if genuine love means suffering with my brothers and sisters, then suffering it is I will accept. I ask only for faith!

Thank You, Holy Spirit for being so generous with Your graces and gifts. I promise to be a good steward of all You have given me. Help me to love prayer and Holy Scripture. Give me faith and wisdom but above all, Your LOVE, that I will love without fail.

Most Holy Mother Mary, thank you for your powerful intercessions! Thank you for accepting all that God the Father gave you. Thank you for allowing a sword to pierce your heart, for never abandoning Jesus when He suffered and died right before your eyes. Thank you for your merciful and compassionate heart that loves and prays for every soul – even the ones who despise you or refuse to acknowledge God’s glory in you. For you are the perfect example of what a human soul can be when it completely surrenders all will and ego to God – the full glory of God can shine through uninhibited! Dearest Mother, pray for me! Be with me! Help me with your example to let myself die completely in order that I may live for God!

St. Joseph, pray for me!
St. Paul, pray for me!
All the angels and saints – my brothers and sisters in Christ – pray for me!


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