No lukewarm sentiments for me

Somehow, worldly, sophisticated and cultured speakers have lost their charm to me. The world has many good things, yes, that is without a doubt. But if we cut to the chase, knowing that we are all passing rapidly through this world as mere pilgrims, knowing that our destiny does not lie in this world, should we not feel the urgency of paying attention to what is not merely good – but infinitely more important – the preparation of our souls for eternity?

Does it have to take an accident, a serious ailment, or a sudden death for us to be jolted into awareness that no worldly wisdom, no savoir faire, no popularity and acclaim can prepare us for our inevitable departure from this world? What can we bring with us when we go? What can we leave behind?

In my teens and twenties, I was charmed by so many things. I hungered for knowledge about so many things – literature, history, culture, art, music, food, philosophy… the list goes on. How vain that hunger seems to me now! So what if I knew much? What profit can such knowledge be to my soul? Such knowledge had done me more harm than good for it had puffed me up with pride and self-righteousness.

I long for real, solid food for the soul now. It’s all or nothing when it comes to the hunger in me for the Living Word. I long to be fed. I long to be taught. I long to be filled with the love of Christ!

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