Journal: Consolation

At mass today, I was filled with a deep sense of God’s love for me after receiving the Eucharist. I felt my heart open in response and I found myself talking to Jesus…

“Lord, I’m sorry I still don’t have the faith to be unafraid of your will in my life. Please help me to be able to trust you and to say without fear, ‘Your will be done.'”

He replied, “My child, all I have ever asked of you is to let me love you. For it is from my love and because of my love that you have faith. Why did you think I was able to accept my passion and death? It was only because I was completely open to my Father’s love for me. Because I received His love, I had the love and the faith to say to him, ‘Your will be done’. I promise you – just allow yourself to receive my love – and you WILL have the faith to do whatever I ask of you.”

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