SMOTA Parish Video #1: One Body

As part of a year long preparation towards our 40th feast day in August 2010, my parish of St. Mary of the Angels has launched the theme “Restore My Church” – the command that Christ gave St. Francis 800 years ago. In one of the efforts to engage the entire parish to make this pilgrimage of faith and to aid their spiritual reflection, the Church is doing a series of parish of videos. The first of the series is titled “One Body”, reflecting how the people of St. Mary’s and those who have worked with St. Mary’s feel about the parish. This is the start of the journey.

As an aside, this is one of the projects I’m involved in. I help in suggesting the concept and vision (theological, not creative!) for the videos and facilitate the video team’s filming efforts by linking them up with parish events and people to interview.

Coming up at Christmas will be our next video – Restore My Church: Word of God. If you’re a parishioner of St. Mary, look out for the free DVDs at Christmas! :)

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