Month: September 2009

Walking on the water with Jesus

Over the past few days, I’ve been beginning to feel overwhelmed by work. It’s not just the actual work (which is heavy), it’s navigating the sensitive issues and relationships between people and trying to be aware of the potential landmines that are emotionally draining. I am where I am because I have followed where God called. But when the going gets tough, sometimes I wonder at how I got here. Last night, during prayer with my SCC (Small Christian Community), God gave []

Messiah on God's terms or mine?

This past Sunday’s Gospel (Mk 8:27-35) had Jesus asking his disciples, “Who do you say I am?” after they had responded to his earlier question, “Who do people say I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Christ.” But when Jesus began to teach them that he was destined to suffer grievously, to be rejected and to be put to death, Peter could not accept it and tried to rebuke him. Jesus’ response? “Get behind me, Satan! You are thinking not as God []

As I am

Today wasn’t that great a day for me – my throat was scratchy, I was tired, I didn’t do most of the things I had wanted to do (in both work and prayer), I felt distracted the entire day, grumpy, impatient and for a few hours I thought I had lost my beloved bible. But today was a day when God wasn’t silent with me – through my grumpiness, impatience and interior noise, he challenged me and instructed me. And he gave []

Blessed for being laughed at

I’ve always been the kind of person that gets teased a lot. And I know that the teasing is affectionate, at least most of the time. But there was a dark period in my life when I was in my teens, when my inner world was tumbling around me, and during that time, the laughter and teasing made me wonder if all I was good for was the amusement of others. Usually, I have no problem dishing it back to friends who []

Living on the altar of sacrifice

Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) by Francisco de Zurbarán (1598 – 1664) During my most recent Sacrament of Reconciliation (which is often integrated with spiritual direction when I’m with this particular priest), my confessor suddenly turned his computer monitor around and showed me his wallpaper. It is the painting I have featured in this post. He waits for me to take a good look at the painting, then he asks me, “What will it take for you to be able to live []