As I am

Today wasn’t that great a day for me – my throat was scratchy, I was tired, I didn’t do most of the things I had wanted to do (in both work and prayer), I felt distracted the entire day, grumpy, impatient and for a few hours I thought I had lost my beloved bible.

But today was a day when God wasn’t silent with me – through my grumpiness, impatience and interior noise, he challenged me and instructed me. And he gave me the grace to be able to pray, “Take me as I am Lord! Don’t turn your face away from me, or remove your spirit from me. Do not abandon me! Gather me up! Raise me! Empower me in my weakness – for it is when I am weak that you are strong! Help me to love you in word and deed even when I cannot feel good about doing it. Your will be done, Lord!”

Today wasn’t a great day. But it was perfect – because it belonged to the Lord, and His will was done.

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