Keep looking up!

That day I came home heavy-hearted. I had heard and seen so many things that seemed to indicate failure. After all the months of effort and energy, I had thought there was some fruit. But now I could only see the signs of failure. Disheartened, the path ahead of me loomed dauntingly. I blinked back tears of disappointment before God.

Then, He spoke:

Trust me. Trust in my promise, and not in what your human eyes can see.
This is my work, not yours; so let me do the work.
You just keep radiating the joy that I have given you.
Bask in my love and promise.

Keep trusting me. Hold firm. Don’t be shaken.
Don’t look to others to find your next step.
Keep looking within. Keep listening to me.

No matter how hard it seems, I am always here… praying for you.

I am very pleased, Ann, and I am grateful to you for saying ‘yes’.
Don’t let the enemy discourage you with anxieties and fears of what is not yet.
Be in the present with me, and you will find the power, courage, and faith
you need to live your mission.

Don’t look at the rest. Keep looking at me.
Keep looking up, Ann!

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