Can I have the strudel, Lord?

Last night, our RCIA group celebrated Henry’s birthday with a delicious apple strudel.  There was one serving left-over, which we kept in the fridge.

This morning, I was in a rush to have breakfast, and the strudel was temptingly delicious and available.  I quickly texted Henry, “Can I eat the strudel for breakfast?” and without waiting for a response from him because I knew he would say ‘yes’, I started eating. Halfway through the strudel, Henry replied, “Okies, enjoy the strudel!” As I read his response, I somehow knew that he probably already knew that I would already be eating it.  We loved and knew each other well enough that we can anticipate what the other person would do.

As I licked off the last of the strudel from my fork, my thoughts turned to God. Do I trust God’s love as much as I trust Henry’s?  Am I bold enough in his love to tell him frankly what I desire? And do I know Him well enough to know when I’ll have his blessing? I’d like to have all that with God very much indeed. And perhaps, in some ways, I already do.

Even as I write this, I can imagine You winking knowingly at me.  Some things are just between You and me, Lord… just You and me!
So… can I have more apple strudel please? :P







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