The Giver and the Gift

Sometimes I ask God,

Why are you always asking me to give things up? Weren’t these gifts from you in the first place? Why do you give just to ask me to give them up again? Would it not be better for me if you never gave them to me at all?

God answers,

My dearest Child, I give you all these gifts because I love you. But the most valuable gift I can give you is Myself. Sometimes, when I give you gifts, you look up and see me. But many times, you become so preoccupied with the gifts I have given you that you forget me. You become possessive and fearful that I would take away the blessings I have given you. How can I let you forget me, my Child? How can I be content with your discontent? So it is that when the need arises, I may ask you to give up something good that you’re holding tightly on to. It is so that in your tears and confusion, you might look into my face again and remember that I – the Giver – am the only Gift that would satisfy your hungry and lonely heart.

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