The way He made me

From a journal entry dated 2 November 2010. Sometimes God speaks to me in my own words.

God gave me a heart of compassion that is open to be imprinted by life,
open to love and being loved.
A child’s heart that never loses that implicit trust that young children have
A child’s heart that yearns to love and be loved.

He also gave me a sound and intelligent mind that seeks truth and goodness above all.
A mind that recognises truth, and reason, and compels me to follow.

He made me vulnerable so that I would depend on him.
He made me easily moved so that I can feel him in the slightest breeze.
He gave me a deep capacity for reflection and learning so that I can mine deeply the treasures that life scatters into my experiences.

God gave me a thirst for truth, a desire for integrity and honour so that I would seek him as much as I ever could and want to grow in holiness.

God created me in his image and likeness
And I can trust in his continuing formation and empowering.

Ann. Graceful. Terebinth.

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