I am free

I come back to you, Lord.

I come with my mixed up feelings, confusing impulses, with all that’s in me.

I run from company and then I run to company. I am at peace, and then I am in turmoil when some word or action hurts me. There is no peace, no stability to be found in human company – not even of the best kind – for peace and stability can only be found in you.

In you friendships flower. Our hands are open to give and to receive. Our fists are not clenched. We let our beloved come and go as they please, we revel in a trust and freedom that Your presence guarantees.

We love, then, not in order to be loved. Yet we can be honest and vulnerable about our need to be loved. Instead of pretending we don’t need love while manipulating others to get the love we need, we can be naked and honest about our desire for love but yet give the other complete freedom to love us or not because there is a deeper love that sustains us. And that Love makes us free.

Free to be weak. Free to be vulnerable. Free to be accepted or rejected.

Free to be our pure selves.

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